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About Residency at AcA

Residency at the Center began in 2012 and has hosted ten local artists in the development of original work in visual, performing and media driven disciplines.

AcA values art making as an essential component of a vibrant, engaged, and healthy community. The residency program strives to offer our local artists a platform to develop original work and to engage our audience in a public dialogue of the value of contemporary art making.

AcA's residency program helps to build and strengthen the creative community where artists are in residence for three to six months at a time. The program is structured to offer support in rehearsal space, along with administrative and technical assistance.


Residency Archive

Still, Life: Women of the Bold New Old with Tales to Tell

Patricia Drury Sidman

A collection of short, spoken-word theatrical pieces—dramatic, funny, poignant and real—portraying forces that shaped today’s older women, experiences that affect them today, and visions they hold for the future. Developed through interviews, storytelling and workshops, culminating in this performance event. Enhanced by projected imagery and original photography. Performed by women actors who are all over the age of 60.

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Dancing With Aurora Borealis

Kelly Clayton & Brian Schneider

Hundreds of years before writing formalized religion as we know it today, Ancient Canaanite people viewed masculine, as well as feminine energy, as vital to their worldview. They worshiped both Yahweh and his Goddess Asherah equally.

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The Return

Shane Courville

Why do Cajuns who have left Acadiana almost always return home later in life? The Return, a chamber opera written by Shane Courville explores this question through Longfellow's poem Evangeline, his own life story told through dance, and the struggle to integrate his own Cajun culture with his artistic interests as shown through the combination of Cajun music and minimalist classical music. Leave your ideas of what opera is at home and open up to this contemplative experience.

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Theresa Wasiloski

PLAY is an interactive, movement-based project that explores the process of and context in which people play. Through Wasiloski's residency, she incorporated site-specific performances, culminating in a full evening performance in the James Devin Moncus Theater.

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Gina Hanchy

a contemporary ballet exploring the experience of transitions, both as individuals and as a collective, within boundaries we can and cannot see, asserting that we are what we know.

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Leah Graeff

An installation where viewers will confront intimate photographs and mixed media sculptures that evoke memory of nature and adolescence. Entering a space filled with grass, the participant may remove his or her shoes and reflect on those images, writing a simple ideal they held as an adolescent on a piece of paper. By spending time in the space the viewer will be able to relax and reflect and leave resuscitated and receptive to his environment.

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The Story of Christopher Jenkins

Keaton Smith

The Story of Christopher Jenkins, is a live audio/visual performance combining the immediacy of mixing video with recorded footage to create an original story about a young man struggling with mental illness. The work examines the protagonist's fragmented thought, memory, and delusions. In an attempt to cure Christopher Jenkins, a pair of psychiatrists use a machine to extract images from his mind.

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Darolyn Robertson

ShadowBoxMyth is a contemporary performance art installation set within the Side Gallery at the AcA. This original story uses anthropomorphic characters within a live shadowbox.

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Stars, Like People

Jarin Shexnider

Written and directed by Jarin Schexnider,Stars, Like People is a theatrical installation of living sculptures set in the galleries, back rooms, and hidden corners of the AcA .

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Interested in Becoming an Artist in Residence

The residency program strives to offer local artists the support to research, create and develop individual projects.

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